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Someday, if we’re lucky, we’ll be able to bounce our grandbabies on our knee and tell them how The Third Platform took over the world. By then, given the dizzying pace of change in technology and the ubiquity of the Internet of Things, The Third Platform may be bedtime story material. But at least we’ll be able to say “we were there.”

The first platform was mainframe and the second was client/server. Around the turn of the century tech analysts started talking about “The Third Platform”, which is now the battleground where vendors will duke it out over several technologies:

  • Mobile devices and platforms
  • Cloud services
  • Big data
  • Social technologies
  • Datacenters that will support the Third Platform
  • New generation of industry-transforming solutions
  • Rising customer groups (emerging markets, line-of-business executives, and cloud service providers and developers)

It’s all the new frontier, stretching the reach and impact of the Third Platform.

Now rewind to the days of the IBM AS/400. Who would have ever thought those midrange technologies, particularly the OS would, could evolve into viable Third Platform resources.

Today, IT departments with IBM POWER8 Systems running the System i OS 7.2 are equipped for Third Platform computing and more. That’s not to say that getting there is easy. For those SMBs with a few “IT guys”, the task will likely require some outside help from System i experts. Still, the amazingly resilient and available “Power on i” platform has the capabilities to provide all of the cost-saving, flexibility, and scalability benefits to SMBs as they do to large enterprises.

“i” Stands for “Integrated”

Unlike component operating environments like UNIX® and Windows®, System i integrates database and middleware by design. Add applications (i is recognized as the top OS for resilient app deployment) and you’ve got most of what you need on a single Power8 server. System I’s ability to virtualize allows multiple business processes and applications to be running together, optimizing usage. Other benefits of Power servers running System i include:

  • Trusted security with auditing and compliance tools
  • Legendary availability and reliability
  • Designed for open application design choices with exceptional infrastructure support for mobile devices
  • Thousands of industry application solutions available from ISVs
  • Simplified operations and storage management

As Forbes recently said about IBM’s Power Systems strategy: “Big data and cloud systems that were once only affordable to large enterprises are now available to the masses.” They might have added: “With a little help from your friends.”

The System i experts at American Technology Systems can provide the level of specific expertise you’ll need to get System i 7.2 running and keep running. You can rely on ATS to provide the right combination of technologies – backup, recovery, virtualization, analytics, cloud and mobile, while ensuring you’re getting the most out of what you already have. To learn how ATS can help leverage your System i and Power technologies for Third Platform computing, contact our specialists today.

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